"Sneeze your enemy to death. And prevail in this battle of the ages"

Original idea for Oh My Lord Tournament. Here is where all begun.



Move-'w' and 'd'         Sneeze: 'space'(short press)       

Spit: 'space'(long press)


Move-'left-arrow' and 'right-arrow'         Sneeze: 'dash'(short press)       

Spit: 'space'(long press)


2D platformer for 2 players

Developed in 48 hours for the Student Game Jam X

A game by Green Glob Studios: @greenglobstudio

Programmer: Iván Uriel Jiménez Vidal - @iviuriel3

Concept/Assets artist: Alejandro Pérez Álvarez - @Sharkon_WoW

Animator and asset artist: Jorge Domínguez Egea - @nonam_games

Programmer and Level Designer : Álvaro Gómez Haro - @Snadker

Main melody composition: Carlos Alberto Montes de Oca - montesdeoca.carlos@gmail.com

Game Design made by everyone on the team

Install instructions

-Extract all zip archives in the same file.

-Execute OhMyLord.exe



Oh My Lord Executable 21 MB

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